When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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 Hi Francesca!
If you like ballet:

So, do you like it?

 Hi Francesca!
I'm from Italy too, I'm Giulia.
I'm nine.
Do you want to become my friend?
I'm waiting for your reply.

hi!! i am dikshita
my age is 10

that's great

My brithday is on October.In morning i have a special beakfast from my mother.In the evening,my friends come to my house.We play games and many thing else.Then they give me a lot of presents.That was the wonderful brithday i ever have  

 Are you from Vietnam? Me too. I'm from the capital of my country: Hanoi. And what about you? Nice to meet you!

my name is Lakeysha
i came from Jakarta (Indonesia)
My Birthday  December 21st  , in 2006
i have attending at play group now
my mommy always bought me a party cake
I love to eat all them of
we eat ice cream and many more  such a kid favorite's  food

My birthday is on seven of June. I am eight. I like my birthday.

 Hi Lady Yellow 10!
You are from Russia, yes? I like your country. Do you want to become my friend?

 Wow, you are from Russia, aren't you? I like your country so much. I like tradition, people, history and niceview in Russia. And I like many song in your country, too. I know in the winter, your country is very cold and appear snow. At that time, everythings is white. I very very like it because I'm from Vietnam, in Asia. In my country, we never have minus so we never see the snow. Nice to meet you. Bye bye