When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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 I'm fourteen years old too, but I was born on March. My birthday is 26/3

Chao MegaJewel50!

  •  Well I know it is a bit late but "Happy Birthday".

 Thanks for your nice wishes

 My birthday is on The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union was founded. It's a nice day! I like it!

 Nothing it is always  a pleasure to wish someone "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".I am happy that your birthday is on a special day for your country.

 OK, thanks. Thank you so much. You are very sociable. In your country, the people say in English? I know your country famous for many places. It's very nice. Especially in your country, the sheep can live and grow up. I have never seen the sheep in fact. I only see that kind of animals in many images, photos and some paintings. The sheep is very, very, very nice and hair's sheeps is very soft. That hair can make many clothes, right?
*Sorry because my English is bad. Can you give me your nick name on yahoo. I want we can say more there. If you don't have it, no need to get because it's too necessary

 Thanks for your comments & I am happy you have liked Albania  actually I come from a great town like Saranda.You should visit it .It is very wonderful.So if you want to you can give me your email address  so we can talk.

Hi Perfect Diamond 40

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