When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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Supper cool!:)

Hello! My name is Wanessa.
I really love birthday parties. My familly is big so I can go to a different party almost every month.
Last week was my cousin's birthday.His name is Pedro and he is 10 now.  His mother made a surprise for him and that was nice! My sister and I gave a ball to Pedro.
My birthday is on october and I can not wait to make my party to eat cake and get presents.

My birth day is on 4th Feb 2006 this year I had it in dubai it was lovelyyyyy

 Hi. Nice to meet you

 my b.day is on 7 October....this day is  important for me...in the my b.day i'm always happy because my friends bring me a lot of sweets and gifts and toys.it's day is wonderful P.S my Name Is Christina And I'm From Georgia :))

I love my birthday!

my brithday is on 19 august. I invite all my friends to come to my party.My best brithday present I ever got is perfume,I blow the candle on my brithday party.

My birthday is on February 16th 1999. I was born in America But I and my family have been lived in Turkey. I love birthday party so that my friends brings gift or toys. My momy make a cake or buy cake for my birthday. First We eat cake and then  play some game at my birthday parties.

Hey I am shyami ,which i have given that is my personal birthday acttualy my birthday is on 12- 09 - 2000.

  • Hello my full name is Shyamashrita Chatterjee.
  • I love my birthday.


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