When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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 HEY on 10 September it is my grandma's birthday!!! so  cool!!!!!!!!!!!

My birthday is on March 6.I was born on March 6.

My birthday is on the sixth of April. My best present is a cat. My friends and I eat a cake and have fun. 

Hello, my birthday is six march

My birthday is on 2nd April.This year I had a party at okidoki.We ate chicken and chips,and cake.
My favorite present is a car.

wow it's fun

 my name is Salma
i' m 8 jears old.9 days i 'm 9 jears old.

hi everybody    today is my birthday   26th February

My birthday is on the 24th of December. I always have a birthday party. I usually invite some of my friends. The party starts at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. I help my mother make food. I like to have sandwiches, meat with potatoes, carrots, pizza, juice and of course a birthday cake on my birthday. I don't decorate the house for the party. When my friends come we eat a lot of delicious food, dance and watch a video in my bedroom. After that I open my presents.

My birthday in 6th January. In my birthday I sing, eat cakes... My best present is... a mobile phone! I like my birthday!