When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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 My birthday is on Teacher's day!I am Alyssa.My birthday parties are cool and ROCKS!!! This time I want it to be more,more and more rocking!! this time I am going to be 8.
                                                    bye! don't forget to greet me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 My birthday's on 9th February. When it's my birthday, I always get present and eat cakes and go to Vincom tower.

 My birthday was on May 9. The best present I ever got from my friends were rubberbands to tie up my hair. One of my friends gave it to me. My birthday cake was nice and yummy. We played games like "Hello Kitty and the apron of magic". I have the cards!

my birthday ROCKS!

hello my birthday is the 25 of february.

My birthday is in February.I was born in 2003. I had a party in my house.We played games like Monopoly.We ate a beautiful birthday cake.My best present is a Top Model book:)

cool! my birthday is on the 20th of february!

Hi, My birthday is on 11th April. I celebrate my birthday with my parents, cousins and with my friends. We will goto temple and have a party at evening in our home. This year i got a cute gift from my sis.

My birthday is 9 September                                                                                                                                              thank you^_^

 HEY on 10 September it is my grandma's birthday!!! so  cool!!!!!!!!!!!