When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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Hi, my birthday is on 21 of March. I have a birthday party with my family and friends. I have got nice T-shirt and trousers

 Hi,my birthday is on 12th May.I was born on.I often do some things special at my birthday.I don't make a party with my friend.I go some where or call someone to play,eat,talk and have fun.I don't like to make a pretty party.I just need many interesting gifts I want.I love dad and mom.They always remember my birthday.They can take me go some where at my birthday.So,my birthday always fun.I want everyday is my birthday...!

My birthday is on  September 6th. I go to a special place. I eat a delicious piece of cake.I receive several presents. ¡ I like to celebrate  my birthday !

HI!! my name is alicia my birthday is the October 28th. I am 11 years old.  

hello our names  are Laurene et Tiphaine our birthdays are in July and June,that is in the summer.
we are in English Class together, and we live in France.

Hello my name is majo my birthday is on december 23 age 10 years bye bye

hello my name is luisa , my birthday is on december 21st my party is in my house and my school bye

Hello my name is marifer my birthday is on december 17th I celebrate at house grandmas my mother present video game

Hello mane is majo mi birthday is december 23 celebretion  small and invite my friends to go my house bay bay

Hello My name is pepe my birthday is on october 23rd