When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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Hello my name is marifer my birthday is on december 17th I celebrate at house grandmas my mother present video game

Hello mane is majo mi birthday is december 23 celebretion  small and invite my friends to go my house bay bay

Hello My name is pepe my birthday is on october 23rd

my  birthday  is on october 8th  in my party there are hamburgers  hot dog soda and lots of fun in my birtay             bye bye!!!

Hello, my name is Mine, my birthday is on july 14th, i celebrate my birthdays with a party, and I invite my friends to go to my house. My best present was when me mom gave me a cd player.
good bye!!! :D

 My birthday is on Teacher's day!I am Alyssa.My birthday parties are cool and ROCKS!!! This time I want it to be more,more and more rocking!! this time I am going to be 8.
                                                    bye! don't forget to greet me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 My birthday's on 9th February. When it's my birthday, I always get present and eat cakes and go to Vincom tower.

 My birthday was on May 9. The best present I ever got from my friends were rubberbands to tie up my hair. One of my friends gave it to me. My birthday cake was nice and yummy. We played games like "Hello Kitty and the apron of magic". I have the cards!

my birthday ROCKS!

hello my birthday is the 25 of february.