When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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my birthday is July 2nd, when I celebrate my birthday I love to play with my friends, my favourite present was my computer and iPad, I like to eat yummy cake.

My birthday is on 7 july. I had a happy party. My favorite present is a bike. I had chocolate cake and fried chicken. I sang a song my family. I,m very happy.

I'am bluewind
In my birthay
I sing a birthay
I have a birthay cake
I have a birthay present
What do you do at your birthday

My birthday is on 18th June. I celebrate with my family. My favourite presents are books. I eat cake and play with my siblings.

Hello my name is nadine. My birthday is on march 11 th. I am eight years old. I celebrate my birthday by preparing the birthday cake, sharing them to my family and friends, eating cake and snacks, choosing who should pray for me, and opening presents. The best birthday presents I have ever got are the purple bag that my mom gave and two little ponies given by my friends.

my birdhay are 14 th december. in my birdhay parties, i play with my friends and eat sweets. my favourite birdhay present is my computer :)

My Birthday is June 16 with my family my favorite present was a makeup set it’s real I go random places my random place was the movie

Hi guys , my name is PurpleMusicCactus .
My birthdays in September 15th 2012 , which is a date I really like .I invite my friends to play. I have 6 present 10$dolla . My favorite present is a Mipan statue .It's cute and beautiful . I like it . It's from Na sister
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my birthday is on 22 December ...I celebrate my birthday in my house with my family ... the best birthday present I have ever got a blue and white bike and a microphone ...At my birth day I eat a cake ,drink fizzy drinks meat sweets, sing songs and dance!!!