When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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My birthy is on 8 jun.
I celebrate my birthy very much.
Last year, i had best birthday presenttation ever my all birthdays.
I'm singing my birthday, danching and playing games on computer.

My birthday is on 8 April. I celebrated my birthday at my hotel with my friend and we ate all the cake. My best birthday present was the collection the princess pilliow. We swam in the pool and played with many friend. Good bye!

my birthday on 3 June I celebrated my birthday at my home with my friends and we ate cake and opened the presents

My birthday is on 16th April ,I will go to church on my birthday and get blessings from my parents and distribute sweets to my friends . I will go for a trip along with my parents in our car and will have a wonderful birthday.


I like your writing and story, because I like travel.

My birthday was on 7th Jan. I usually celebrate my birthday with balloons and party and cake. I often invite my friends to have party. I got dolls from my parents. I feel happy very much

My birthday is on the 26th of May . I don't celebrate
my birthday , but I feel happy about getting older because
I want to start a new business.

My birthday is on 26th of May 2007 . I don't celebrate

in my birthday , but I feel happy about getting older because
I want to get a great busness .

My birthday is on 25th October so I'm a Scorpio. In my birthday, I often invite my firends celebrate with balloons. Last birthday, I got a really nice alarm clock from my parents! In the parties, we usually sing and dance.