Have you got a best friend? What is she or he like? When and where did you meet? Why do you get on so well? Do you ever have arguments? Tell us about your best friend.

Your Turn: Best Friends
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 My best friend is Aydan.Aydan is 10 years old.I am 10 too.She is from Azerbaijan.We play together.She has got little sister.Her name is Aysu.She is 6 years old.

My best friend is Praneeth.  he is good.  We enjoy a lot with our friends. 

 My best friend is Ayano who are always getting along with me since we were in the same kindergarten. 

My best friend is Ariana. She is nice.

 I used to have a best friend. But now she is my enemy. At the first time, I thought she was nice. But when I get 10 marks, she told me that I was mean and not deserved to have 10 marks . She always talk mean about me to make me feel bad about myself. I think she is jealous with my success. And when I make new friend, she told me I was a traitor. 

My best friend is Meli.I've met her on my first day of school.She is a very good person.She is plump and tall.Meli was my best friend since I was on the 1st grade.I have lots of fun with her.We say secrets and laugh together.I love her so much,because she is the only person who understands me. :) 

i am ESPAÑOLA but i am not from SPAIN .

 Hi what is your name


My best friend is Jade. We met in school. Since then we've had so much fun together.