Have you got a best friend? What is she or he like? When and where did you meet? Why do you get on so well? Do you ever have arguments? Tell us about your best friend.

Your Turn: Best Friends
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I have two best friends, their names are Mariana and Guilherme. I met them at the church, but I don't remember when. I love them because... well, I can't explain. They are funny, and make me smile... They understand me and they are like brothers. Well, I'll talk about them...

Mari is so cool! We love watch dramas, cook and play s together. Our favorite ride is go to the beach or to a pool! We love make musics, too! We play piano and guitar... Last year we create a song. But... We have a problem... Mari's father is a military... So, he needs to move and now they are in other state! It's so sad... I miss her :'(

Guilherme is part of me, is like my oldest brother. When we are together we walk skateboarding and rollerblading... We love it! He cooks for me, it's amazing! I don't have words to say how much he is special to me.

I have a lot of friends. All of them are my classmates. I met all of them at 2 form (exept 1). We have 10 girls in our form. But only 2 of them are my best friends.

My name is Daniil. I live in Donetsk in Ukraine. I want to tell you about my friend. Nastia is my best friend. She is eleven. She looks like her father. She has got short curly hair. It is fair.  Her eyes are big and grey. My friend has thick long eyelashes. Her eye – brows are dark. She is beautiful.
  Nastia has white teeth and a very pleasant smile. Nastia and I have much in common. We go in for sport. It is jujitsu. We attend a spots club three times a week. My friend is clever. She knows a lot of interesting stories. She wears modern clothes.  I think Nastia is a real friend. It′s interesting to mix with her.

 Yes.Her name is Çınar.She is 11 years old.I meeting with her in this year.She is a good friend.She is so cute.She has got a sister.She is so cute!

  • Yes, she's called Eva.
  • She's 8 years old, she has black hair and she wears a retainer.
  • We met on the first day of primary school.
  • We get on well because she's friendly and she also likes gymnastics.

HI! AIN. I have four best friends there names are Ain, Athirah, Amirah, and PuteriBalqis.
WE just knew each other from year 4. Since the kids in my class do not like me because I am black, so I made them my friends. But has for me I have alot of privacy it hard to make friends.

 My best friend is Kemal. He is very polite

My best friend is so far away from me. Her name is Ivana, and she is living in Germany. I'm Ana, I live in Montenegro. I met her in Macedonia in our ex school. At frist she was so kind, polite, shy... After A few mounths she started to tells me her secrets, so do I. We were together for one year, than she moved in Germany. I promesed her that I wont forget her, and she promesd me too. We didn't forget eacher other. We chat online every day. I don't even know hoe will I describe her, in one word great. Everything she has done to me, I wont forget that. And sure I wont forget her. She is a friend for life. Lucky me and those who are around her. I love my best friend so so so so much. :-)

Anyone one from India in this Website?

My Best Friend is Vishnu Priya.S, she is 18 yrs old and Iam 11.We met in our school bus.We have been friends for 3 years.She has a younger sister Mridula.As now she is in 11th standard she does not come in bus.So i go to her class to meet her.I miss her a lot.If you are reading this my friend, then please come in bus.Best wishes to you.And also I have been thinking of you since you stopped coming in bus,so Iam the cause of your hiccups.Bye.