Have you got a best friend? What is she or he like? When and where did you meet? Why do you get on so well? Do you ever have arguments? Tell us about your best friend.

Your Turn: Best Friends
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my best friend's name is Wensong, i see him at the primary school , he is tall and has black hair. we often play together after school, we never have arguments because we are best friend .

My best friend is Shrusheta and Sneha.We meet in School.They were kind so,we helped each other and the three of us got best friends

My best friend is Moktader. He is from Tunisia and lives in France.

i have a good friend.
she is cute.we meet in the school.she is a good girl.her name is mania.

everybody has friends but only one or two are the bests for you...my 1st best friend is my dad...he is not only a father for me but also a true friend ...like an every friend he teases me sometimes but also helps me in every sort of problems and gives me marvelous solution about that....my second best friend is my younger brother which loves me really so much...sometimes he argues with me but loves me the most...

i have 2 best buddies . i met them since i was little kid. they are gentle, energetic, kind and funny but most funny one is me. i have arguments with because in some times 1 get bossy for group works.

My best friends are Ana, Berta and Blanca. I've just met them at my new school. I like them because they are funny, polite, kind and active.

I have a best friend. She love to ate ice cream so much. She love to play bycicle.

I have a friend. Her name is Thy. She is seven years old. She likes my toys very much. I see her at school when I study first class. I love her because she is very gentle. I arguments with her a boy in my class, how to say the word "cat", this fruit is a pear or mango...She is very good at study Vietnamese, she is gentle and she is friendly. I love my friends, but I love her very much.

All my classmates are my friends but i spend more time with some of them.
i met them in the school.
We get along very well because we like the same books, and we talk about them.
We never argue.
they all live in the same city, they all are my classmates , and we talk on school recess.