Look at the school timetable then do the exercises to help you practise writing in English.


What subjects have you got at school? What after-school activities do you do?

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My school subjects are Geography and History, Nature Science, Spanish, English, Art, German, PE, IT and ESI.

i have gegraphy english mathematics physical education sciences portuguese history liv tec arts and theater i have football and singing lessons after school on tuesday mass at 3pm, i do singing lessons on friday nights the end

I have got English, Mathematics, Science, PE, Arts and Karate. After school we play outside. Sometimes we swim or do something creative in the activity room like painting,drawing and sometimes calligraphy.

my school subjects are maths, science, history, English.
after school, I read books and play with my friends.

HELLO i love biology, IT and PE.

hello what your name

My score is 100

The school subjects in my school are English, Maths, Maltese, Science, Drama, IT, PSD, PE and Art. The after school subjects are Art and Gymnastics. In summer, my school is a swimming school for kids.