Play a word game to learn and practise places to live vocabulary.


What type of place do you live in? Would you like to live in one of these places?

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I live in a block of flats. On day I and my parents were on a camper van, on a way to countryside, and I thought that it would be great to stay in and live. You always have a house with you and don't need to ask anyone to make you a bed after a family party.

I live in a flat. I good like to live in a tent.

Hi WhiteForest2000, I also live in a flat, why would you like to live in a tent?
I would like to live in a biggest flat, because i have got a lot of sisters.
Best Wishes!

PD: I'm also from spain

too easy for me

i live in cty

i like to live in one castle

too easy

I love the game its awesome , i like the game because is funny is good warc because its have naw wards for my, exempal ; caravan i live in a flat . GOOD BYE .

I live in a house. My house is very big and beautiful. I want to live in a castle