Play some word games to learn and practise Easter vocabulary.


Do you celebrate Easter?

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We celebrate Easter by making hot, cross buns, and painting eggs in different colours.
We also spend that special day with family and friends! Happy Easter to everyone!

i celebrate easter. and i like easter VERY much :D

In Russia we celebrate Easter 2th of May

Ηello from GREECE!We celebrate Easter too but we don't play the easter hunt game!We go to church and we paint red eggs!!We also knock the eggs with our parents and friends!!

We celebrate Easter in Germany. We hide eggs and we usually go to church as well. But I don't know what hot cross buns are. Does anyone know?

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If you need more help with new words in English, you could try using an online dictionary. Have a look at the definition for a hot cross bun!


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Thanks, that was very helpful!

Yes. I celebrate Easter in Poland:)

Yes. I celebrate Easter in Canada too.

How do you celebrate Easter?