Play some word games to learn and practise Ancient Egypt vocabulary.


Are you interested in Ancient Egypt? What do you know about it? 

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i did it finaly

I love it so much but it's so cool

i love this game

My 'tomb,hieroglyphs

I got 4 out of 8.It is was really fun.I have a question what is a "Ra".Thank you!

Hi AluminiumMoonstoneCrystal,

Ra was the sun god in ancient Egypt.


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my total score is 8 out of 8(100%) in the first try

oh no i fail its ok i didnt know so much about it next time i will try

I can't play this game.

Hi PrincessJewelNebula,

To play the game, click on the word, then click on the space under the correct picture.

To find out more about Ancient Egypt, you can watch our story The mummy

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