Listen to a song about looking after your teeth.

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Do you know how to look after your teeth? What should and shouldn't you do?

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my teeth are very white and bright.My toothbrush is pink.I clean my teeth 2 a day and I was 4 when I lost my first tooth.

Ups, I have two teeth out! When are they going to appear??? 


 So funny!

I like the Tooth Family.@,@

Monday, my 1st tooth fell was so painful, but my little brother gave me my favourite toy.
Then at night I brush my teeth and put my tooth under my pillow .
The next day the tooth fairy did come! And a hundred dollar note too!
Tell us what colour is your toothbrush?Pink
How often do you brush your teeth ? two times a day
What flavor is your tooth paste?orange
Have any tooth fall out?If so,how old did your first tooth fall? Yes,it fell out when I was  seven years old.
Keep writing about your tooth!
Keepyour teeth healthy!
@,@ FROM:MissPharoahLarva

Ha ha ha ha :D
It is good
I clean it two times  in a day :\
And my toothbrush is pinky&blue line
I had'nt fallen uot :)

Is so funny!Hi...hi...ha....ha....!! :D :D

Hi big news!!!! My 1st tooth has fallen off just before my wasn't so painful after all! I was jumping on the bed and I hit it with my knee and the little mouse of teeth brought me a red power ranger and some money!!!!
Keep your teeth clean!!! 
Tell us about your teeth! 

  • How often do you brush your teeth? Two times a day.
  • What colour is your toothbrush? Blue.
  • What flavour is your toothpaste? I don't know.
  • Have any of your teeth fallen out? If so, how old were you when your first tooth fell out? Yes, When i was six years old my first tooth fell out.

Hi Green100

Thanks for writing to us to tell us about your tooth! :)

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