Listen to a song about looking after your teeth.

Song developed by Cambridge English Online
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Do you know how to look after your teeth? What should and shouldn't you do?

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 i have lost my front teeth. 

:D .d.d.d.d :))) very nice

I like this song because it so funny!!!

i'm impressed bt this song. so how could i download it into my coputer? pls tell me :X

Sorry, but you can't download this song at the moment.

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

I like the tooth family


  • How often do you brush your teeth?2 times a day
  • What colour is your toothbrush? light blue
  • What flavour is your toothpaste?mmm...menthol:D
  • Have any of your teeth fallen out?of course ,,,I'm 13 so all my first teeth have fallen out..;)
  • If so, how old were you when your first tooth fell out?I was 5-6  years old

I have a blue toothbrush and I use a neem flavoured toothpaste. Six of my teeth have fallen out and grown too... Lucky me! tee tee teeeeeth!

Very good song!