Listen to the ABC fruity band sing the alphabet song.

Animation by Cambridge English Online

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I'm pretty
Mysterios comment

Very nice! slow and easy to sing!

very lol says :) :)

but  Z is saying not zæt. z'i notls it? I think guys played the best apple ...
It was so good, but said the worst of the banana .... Perhaps not too good but I really liked for some reason.

name's cool,but I'd like another one.

It's great.

                                            IT IS A VERY GOOD SONG  FOR LEARN

very very beautifol 

 Blue Fairy Song!
I advise you a very nice song:

  • Go to Google.
  • Write here "La gabbianella e il gatto canzoni"
  • Click on "Video"
  • Click on "canto di kengah (la gabbianella e il gatto)"

So, do you like the song?

 Ciao Blue Fairy Song!
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