Listen to the ABC fruity band sing the alphabet song.

Animation by Cambridge English Online

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my name is Rian RN from Indonesia, nice i can practice my hearing

hi, I'm from Viet Nam. my name is can just call me Tracey.I think I'm a little too old to listen to this song, I'm 11 now.but my brother likes this, it's nice.^.^

i like it

It's for little kids. Good!

I'm from Viet Nam ! My name is Hien ! I love this song ! I love bananas , too !

I like this song very much

i like this song very much

My name is Vi Anh.Call me Sue.My Britishcouncil is PRINCESSCREAMPONY.
I'm 10 years old.I'm from Viet Nam.
When I'm little,I was like this song so much.
The cherry wsa so cute.
This song was so fun.
Thank you for watching.^^
See ya!!!0_0