Practise counting from one to ten with a song about ten little aeroplanes.

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Do you like this song? Which aeroplane is your favourite?

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I like 1 and 8

i liked it

i dont like this song:

i like number three

 in airplanes my favorite is seven little airplane one is great, ween i am small in 2009 December 28 i was my mom got to go to turkey and i leave my dad i come to my mom to see turkey what is look like it. In 2012 my dad is in turkey i'm so happy and happy family in turkey. ween i go to airplane inside is a air and TV ween a sit in the chair and front in the chair is small TV

 song sang

I like to sing this song!

this is beautiful song and voice was very sweet and i want to sit in ten little, little nice, little eight and fligh in any of each aeroplace.  

yes i have been in aeroplace many many time when i went to UK. i  remembered i made my trip torugh getting the PIA which fly from Pakistan to London and its took approximately 8 hours to reach the London airport,

the london airport was so clean and nice . and my second trip was in air france which fly from manchester airport to "Hong kong' its took about 14 hours to reach hong kong airport. 

i have wish to be a pilot but for this i have to do a lots study and its not easy to become pilot for me becasue i belongs a middlest family background. but its my dream to become pilot but one of my cousion in future is going to be pilot in cathy pacific. 

it is nice

it's ok kind a song.