Listen to a song about some crazy and not so crazy record breakers. 

Song developed by Cambridge English Online
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What's the funniest record in this song? Can you think of other records that you could try to break?

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This song is beautiful!!!!
I love records!!!!

lol my record is to play 1000000000 games a day


my world record is to drink 60000000000000 cups of milk every single day. trust me! lol!!!

 you can not drink 60000000000000 cups of milk every single day and i can not trust you. ("-)

 mine is to jugle with 2953 bowling pins try that i bet u will fail L.O.L.

Are you sure QueenPianoReptile??!

LearnEnglish Kids team

cool song

i am not big,i am not samll,i am tall.....

I also like that QueenPlatiumSweet