Listen to a song about Ramadan, an important time in the Islamic calendar.

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Do you celebrate Ramadan? Do you do the things in this song? What else do you do during Ramadan?

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i love many song..MissInternetEarth..I just want to say,your link is so cool.....!

i can't want a short song like this..! Hello MissInternetEarth..!

Hi LadyVioletTune,
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LearnEnglish Kids team

hello im mouslim im iranian. thankyuo for this. I like this song

Not very good, But good...

  •  RAMADAN...Imiss RAMADAN!!!!!!

RAMADAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love the song and i am a  Muslim i love ramadan :)
you love ramadan :)

My name is Byenath and I am a Muslim. I like it.

i am muslim i love ramadan