Listen to a song about Ramadan, an important time in the Islamic calendar.

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Do you celebrate Ramadan? Do you do the things in this song? What else do you do during Ramadan?

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That's very important video! 



WOW!Ramadan is my favourite month in the Summer!I'm so happy cause I see this video in British Council.That's make me honored! Have a nice day; LadyPurpleThrone

You are right

it is very good good 

the Ramadan is my favorite month in the year, muslims like this month of 30 days
Ramadan have 30 days

 my  name  is  xadica. I  love  this  song

 I love Ramadan and this song is AWESOME! i am going to fast the whole of Ramadan!! :)

ı love the videoooo :D

nice :D

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