Practise computer words with this song about a computer mouse.

Song and lyrics © Andy Henley/Tym King; Animation by Cambridge English Online
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What do you usually use your computer for? What's your favourite thing to do on the computer?

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My computer mouse is the naughtiest!!!
It is naughty at times... It's too tough to control...
If yours is like that, take care of it guys..!

Tell us about your computer!

  • What do you do on the computer?

I surf in the Internet. =)

  • How often do you use a computer?

More often than not.

  • Does someone help you to use the computer?


  • What's your favourite computer game?

 I do not play on computer.

Wow!!! It is very  good!!!
(IcyMetal6000 - my sister!!!)

O my God!
It is ideally!  :)

It´s crazy!

its very nice

After listening this song,i love my computer mouse :D


NOT bad :) be good

Not too bad.