Listen to a song about animals in the jungles of Brazil.

Song by Boogie Mites UK. Animation by Cambridge English Online.
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What's your favourite jungle animal? Can you think of any more animals you can find in the jungle?

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is the snake going to bite them

i like the parrot
and this song is not bad

In Indonesia there's soooo many jungle. Especially, in Borneo because Indonesia is a country that placed in the equator line, same as Brazil and Africa. Anyway, there are lots of national animals also from Asia and Australia.

 Brasil has no lions in. Lions live in Africa! and the only lions that have in Brazil are staying at the zoo. THE JUNGLE OF BRAZIL HAS NO LION!!!

Dear CookingCamelCactus,

Well done for spotting that! You are correct, there are no lions in the wild in Brazil. We think that this song is using 'poetic licence' - this means that it is being imaginative and creative to make the song fun, even if it's not completely true.

Can you tell us more about what animals there really are in the jungles in Brazil? We would like to know!

LearnEnglish Kids team

great songs

I'm 8.I like this song very much!

           You can here a great song just "in the jungle of Brazil!

There aren't any lions in BRAZIL!!!

I like.This song