Listen to a song about things we can do to help to save the planet.

Lyrics by Carolyne Ardron | Animation and song developed by Cambridge English Online
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Do you do the things in the song to help the environment? What else can we do?

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I hip hop song.

wonderful song
i love it .
but ,where can i download it ?

Hi Lady Pink May,
I'm happy that you love this song. At the moment you can only download some of our songs. If you can download them, they have a 'download the song' option underneath. In the future you will be able to download all of our songs. We are working on it. 
Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse (editor)

so nice song i love this song

Hi Duke Song Watch! 

I'm happy to hear that you love this song. At the moment you can't download it but soon it will be possible to download it. 

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

I love this song.
How can i download it?

here is the song that made me proud on  world enviromental day.
i scooped an award .

I like this song but i dont understand it.

it's a cool song! I'm also to would save the world!

i need to down load some nursery rimes, how can i? its not easy..