Listen to a song about things we can do to help to save the planet.

Lyrics by Carolyne Ardron | Animation and song developed by Cambridge English Online
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Do you do the things in the song to help the environment? What else can we do?

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I'm turkish.nice to meet you ! ı'm new here and that's fun!!!

 This is about saving environment!

Good song and good knowledge too.

i am new i join this website this year.

I hope i can see you again after a long time i can't go to this GREAT website. I really sorry because i can't answer your message. 

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It's great to see you back on the website! I hope you are having fun playing our games and practising your English!

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 Long time ago, i meet you--Ms.Jo
 Today, i want to play

Nice song!=D

Hi !
I'm french . Nice too meet you ! I'm new here and that's fun !!!