Listen to a traditional song about a spider called Incy Wincy. 

Animation by Cambridge English Online
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Do you like this song? Are you afraid of spiders?

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my youngest brother is realy happy

it is the play most boring in my life!!!
I am looking for a new game.

Hi SilverTunePiano,
We have lots and lots of games on LearnEnglish Kids for kids your age. Perhaps you'd like to try some of these...
Try paying for things in a toyshop with 'How much is this'
Find objects for a magic spell in the Haunted House
Practise secret codes
Or maybe you'd like to practise spelling in English with a balloon burst game, hangman or a wordsearch
Write back to us and let us know which games you enjoy!

I hope that helps!
LearnEnglish Kids team

Thank you for trying to help.


my younger brother really loved it yeah!!!!!