Listen to a song about pets.

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Have you got a dog or another pet? What pet would you like?

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Have you got a dog or another pet? No, I haven't.
What pet would you like? I would like a cat.

I got rabbit .My favourite pet is fish.

dear OpalScientistLight !
im just like you!but i like a dog.

I want a cat. But my dad says: When we have a house with garden. My aunt have cat. Her name was meatball. But I say soup to her.

her voice is very funny

Hello, My name is AnVic.
Im from Spain, I really love dogs. But I dont have one, I might get one for my birthday.
But that is a great song

I actually do like all animals, but some better than others . Cats and Dogs I do like best I think. They do mostly agree with my wishes what to do with Play or hug them. And one can have them within the bed by sleeping (Even if it is forbidden by Mum and Dad. Pets won´t tell them, you know?)

U i like u
can we be friends

 i love songs. this song is one of my favourite song

 i love this song . i think dogs are amazing pets.i have dogs to the name are  called sandy and bonny.