Listen to a traditional children's song about a clock and a mouse.

Song developed by Cambridge English Online
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Do you like this song? Have you ever seen a mouse run up a clock?

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 huh Look the Mona Lisa!!!
I like drawing but Mona Lisa is very terrible

wait a minute...İs it true?Mona Lisa's eyes are MOVİNG! scary...

Monaliza's eyes are moving!      scaryyyyy!!!

It is so good but it  is short.

hello everybody.
i like to listen to the songs.
thanks british teams i love your site.
i love my friends in this site.

The photo is rotating its eye. Its cool

 very short

it is vary short ...i don’t like it ..

VERY SHORT SONG.Mona Lisa's eyes were following to poor mouse! SCARY

omg  this song was fast!!