Practise the names of planets with this song about the solar system.

Song and lyrics © Andy Henley/Tym King; Animation by Cambridge English Online
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In English you can say 'My Very Eager Mother Just Sat Upon Nine Pins' to help you remember the planets. Is there a phrase like this in your language? Can you invent a new English one?

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I love space and stars.

i like this song

On a planet Neptune speed of wind is about... 2000 km/h!!! It's so fast!

Europe the moon of Jupiter is the planet where water is solid.

 ı love  has circles,circles made powder and is very cold!!!

  • I know that Jupiter is the biggest planet, but it has very fast wind!
  • The planets have low graphity (I mean that anything on the planets can fly, but the earth has high graphity).
  • They have more than a moon.
  • There are in some cartoons fantasy characters in the planets, they are called Aliens.

Mercury is hot but it is also so cold at night.Venus is hot but it isn't hotter than Mercury.Earth is destroying herself because it"s so pollute.

Pluto is a dwafr plant, It's not in our solar system and It's obrating another star. 

I know that  Venus has had water,and Mars has water now in this time.

Do you know anything else about the planets?
Yes, I know that the saturn has rings.
But I do not know how many rings, can someone tell me?