Listen to a song about getting dressed. 

Song developed by Cambridge English Online
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Do you like the song? What are your favourite clothes?

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It's very funny!

it is very funny, i love it.

Hi! This is Valera again.
I like this song. It's a happy song.
My favourite clothes: hoodies and baseball caps.
Here is my line:
Don't put caps on your feet :))))

This song is very funny.

My cousin's favourite clothes are T-shirts and leggings.

My favourite clothes are T-shirts and shorts.

I'm not so sure about the song.
My favourite clothes are legins

I did’t like the song to be oneste but I like sweaters

I like that song. My favourite clothes is skirt and jeans.

the best part is that the boy put on the pants on his head

İt's very funny but man is feather-brain .