Listen to a song about Dean and Pearl, the teenage spies. 

Music and lyrics by Andy Henley and Tym King. Animation by Cambridge English Online.
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In the song there was a laser pen, camera ring and other gadgets for spies. What gadget would you like to have?

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 I LIKE THIS GAME..................................

This song is awesome!!!

this song is  ewww or stunk  ppl

I dont like it
It is hard jop to makeit


  • It's a boy song but it's cool 

 rubbish songs

Hi Duke Never1 I'm sorry you think the songs are rubbish. What type of songs do you like? We have some new songs coming soon so we hope you're going to like them. Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

How  can  they  defuse  the  brainwashing  ray ?

Very very very very very cool ;D

i luv this song and its really brillent