Listen and sing along to a song about yummy food.

Song and lyrics by Boogie Mites UK. Animation by Cambridge English Online.
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Do you like chicken, rice and peas? What's your favourite food?

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 Hi Princess Fashion Rhythm. I know you are Islam people, right ? I'm Islam too. I'm from Malaysia. How old are you ? My age is 11 years old . I hope we can be a friend or a bestfriend in this site. Nice to meet you Princess. Bye bye. I hope you will reply to me later. See you again.

Hi LadyPopPudding,

I'm 9 years old... It does matter right if we are not the same age but want to be friend???
 And I from Malaysia too!!! And I'm realy searching for friends actually... So I also hope to be your friend...


i like chocolate cacke ;)

  • I love :
  • strawberry cake
  • rice
  • french fries etc...

i like chocolate cake , yummy yummy yummy put it in my tummy :)

 I love chocolate cake.
 Yummy Yummy Yummy.

my favourite song

yummy yummy yummy put it in my tummy i like you like chocole cake :D

Am I the only one that likes ALL of these items? :/

 ı love fish yummy  yummy...