Listen to a song about what animals can and can't do. 

Song and lyrics © Dave Holmes; Animation by Xu Gue
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Did you like the song? Can you tell us about some other animals and what they can do?

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i liked this song

I like it.

its good ! i like it !

This clown is... HAHAHAHA!!!! :->

This is a great songs !!!! Great, I love British Council

I though this sing is very good

The funniest question in the song is 'Can a pig dance a jig?'. haha

thanks ladycrystalkitten for answering me

what is the meaning of flea

what is the meaning of can it do the cancan like me?

Hi MissFluteRock!

Good questions!

A flea is the very small insect that you can see in the song. They sometimes live on animals. 

The "cancan" is a type of dance, which you can see the jester (the man with the yellow and green costume) doing. So "Can it do the cancan like me?" means "Can it dance like me?"

Hope that helps!

LearnEnglish Kids team