Listen to a song about a girl and her favourite teddy bear.

Song and lyrics by Boogie Mites UK. Animation by Cambridge English Online.
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Have you got a favourite teddy bear? What's his or her name? What does he or she look like?

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 the bear was so cute. they are eyes are so good.ı like the song much...

 very cute! Sue and I! for me it's a friendly song.

I like this song, very nice. I love it and I've got a bear too.
                                                                           PrincessBeadRock :)

just amazing!!! I got one called Hippo!! but it is not a teddybear!

I have a bear and her name is Remi. My mom named for her :) we do everything together like " I and sue" . anyway i like the song!!

My name is Rachik. You have a great luck, what does he eating ?  where are you from ? I will be very happy to meet you ! bye .

A bear named Sue

I have a bear
And her name is Sue
She can do anything that I can do
I can do anything that she can do.

In the morning I stretch and Sue does her best
I put on trousers and a shirt and Sue wears a skirt
On with my socks and on with my shoes
And on goes the same for dear old Sue
And we’re ready for breakfast in the twinkling of an eye
So we go downstairs my Sue and I.

I’m hungry. Can we go downstairs and have some breakfast?
A cup for Sue, a cup for me
Sue likes apple juice but I like tea
I like juice and she likes tea
Hot buttered toast. Who can eat the most?
Cover it in jam then wash our sticky hands
Down with our breakfast and on with our coats
And now for the part that we like the most
And we’re ready for play in the twinkling of an eye
So we go outside my Sue and I
Yes we’re ready for play in the twinkling of an eye
So we wave goodbye my Sue and I
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.
sooooooooo cute!

it was cute!
BlueGoldDolphin and my sister LadyElfDolphin :) :D