Listen to a song about saying your name.

Song by Boogie Mites UK. Animation by Cambridge English Online.
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Can you sing the song with your friends? What are the names of your best friends?

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The song is very cute!
 Does have somebody a question?
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Good Song and interesting

it is very fun

 Bean bag helo bean bag helo my name is alise my name is alise ind ill pass the bag too david pass the bag the bag and say your name lalalala

I love the song very much, because the song is very funny. I will try to sing this song with my friends at school. Bean Bag Hello ... my name is XXXXX I will pass the bag to YYYYY. I can remember the names of all my friends.

bean bag hello bean bag hello my name is rahila and i pass the bag to????????

 this song is amazing

very  good

I dislike this song.