Listen to a song about what these amazing superheroes can do.

Song developed by Cambridge English Online
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Did you like the song? What superpower would you like to have?

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I want to spin around and make it rain!!!

I like superhero , I wish I can run fastter than the train

We have listened to this song at least 30 times. Now we listen to it every time at the end of the class. The girl who is amazingly tall isn't a superhero, because being tall is not a superpower!!!!!

ther is nothing cold a super hero


why don't I see the video?
who can help me?

Hi MissCreamGirl,

Sorry you can't play the video!

You might need to check your computer/device or browser settings and you might need to update JavaScript or Flash. Please ask an adult to help you with this! If the adult needs more help, they can email us: 

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BluePixieWand (LearnEnglish Kids team)smiley

keep on the good work guys