Anansi is always hungry and one day he is a bit too greedy. What will happen to Anansi? Watch and find out!

Traditional story adapted by Sue Clarke. Animation by Cambridge English Online.


Anansi is a very special spider. Do you like spiders or do you think they’re scary? Tell us what you think! 

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I'm scared of spiders (that means i have arachnophobia) but I liked this...
and I think it has a moral: Don't be greedy!

 i love is so fun.

why is he so fat?!

because he loves eating

MMM...I don't have a good past with spiders, but i like them. I also got a spider pet


Hi! I'm Veronica and I'm ten years old. I'm in Yr 5.
By the way, I learnt about Anansi because we were learning about Africa. Anansi is a popular African story!
I don't make a fuss about spiders. They're here for a reason! They eat flies and other unneeded insects so I'm quite happy to have spiders around. I don't kill spiders. When I see them, I take them outside.
There isn't LOADS of spiders where I live, but there is a few. They're mostly here when it's spring or autumn.
I don't remember when I last saw a spider... It must of been a while ago.