Kim and Ken are twins who live at the zoo. What do they do each day of the week? Watch and find out!

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The twins do lots of different things with the animals at the zoo. What do you do on the different days of the week? Tell us about it!

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 I say the same that you. I would like to be one of that twins!

why  dont  the  children  brush  their  teeth  everyday?????


this is a dumb story

The nice great story. 

I go to school and came back home at 5:20.I take a shower ,then I eat dinner.I do my homework.At weekends,I go to my courser,some time I go shopping with mu mum.

funny  story
with the little twins.

On Mondays I wake up and have my dancing classes. On Tuesdays I wash my face and hands. Then I have my breakfast. On Wednesdays I go to school, and on Thursdays I do my homework. On Fridays I tidy up the room and do the washing up.
On weekends I usually go shopping with my mom or play computer games.
Have a nice day, everybody!

Great Fun!!! I'd like to have a twin,too!!!

This story is good . I want to have a good animal friend.