Ramadan is a special time of year in the Islamic calendar. What happens to the prince in this story? Watch and find out!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


This is a traditional story about Ramadan lanterns. Do you know any traditional stories from your country? Tell us about it!

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For me it is a good strory but it doesn't is a very or excellent story.

the story is soso funny.

I didn`t like this story because is for little kids and is very boring

Hello my name is Sol, the story was very funny.I love it.

hello my name is maria I like the story is funny.

I love this story! But I hate the stepmother!! I love the pigeon; I want a pigeon!

Hello the story is very nice,funny and beautiful!!!!!!

  • I love ramadan <3 .Here in Tunisia we enjoy this month . whole family is together so we exchange ideas, we play ,we watch TV ...  In brief , it's nice to celebrate Ramadan (my favourite month)

Hahaha ... :)

i'm a muslim
this is the month of ramadan.i really love fast.its to hot that is why i can not fast.i am 10 years old. MAY ALLAH FORGIVE ME(Ameen).