A horrible monster has locked the princess up in a tower. Can anybody rescue her? Watch and find out!

Story by Carolyne Ardron | Animation by Cambridge English Online


There are lots of princes and princesses in storybooks and films. Who is your favourite prince or princess? Tell us about him or her!

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wow ! a very nice story.

   It is very good story and the friendly dragon saved the princess.

 this story is good ,but why the friendly dragon saved the prinsess?

 So good.....

 I liked this

silly pricess

The story used to have three endings... why have they disappeared? It was cool to be able to choose. I deeply miss it!

Hi YellowPoppyDJ
The story with the 3 different endings is still there! You need to view the story in Flash. Can you see the two tabs above the orange box 'Video' and 'Flash'. Click the 'Flash' tab.
Does it work now?
Which of the three endings do you like best?

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team