Billy and Tom are pretending to be wizards and they are making a magic spell. Will it work?

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


Billy and Tom put some horrible ingredients in the pot to make their magic potion. What other ingredients could you use to make a magic potion? Tell us your ideas!

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this story is very funny

 he has a tail

Hahahaaaa.Very funny story.I like it.
Note:There is a real INTERNET!!!!!!!!!

he has a tail but he don't know!!!

very funny and not scarry;-0

Ohm. This story so scary... If one day I doing macgic....So I am an elephant ... Hix so scary T_T ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Bit Boring but funny........!

Final is very FUNNY!

Billy  is  taking  his  tail  to  school ! Ha , ha , ha !

Ha-ha-ha!!!... Wow!!! This is not song!!! And... Hi!!!