Everyone in the family has a different idea of where to go on holiday. What will they decide? Watch and find out!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


The family want to do lots of different things on holiday. What can people do on holiday where you live? Tell us about it!

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My city-name is Ofterdingen.
It´s small.
Now shnes the sun.
No there are no landmarks.

Hello! How are you? What are you doing this spring? I’m Ann. I’m here , because  I’d like to meet English friends and practice my English. How long have you started Russian? If you want I can help you with it.    I can’t speak English fluently, but I’ll try to be a good company =). I study English at school and with my teacher and she’s going to help me first times. If you’ve any questions, just ask! I’m waiting for your answer. Best wishes Ann!!!!!

 This is agood story because all was happy!

 You know i perfer beach!

 I like this story,it´s great,I like the beach and the country.

  • I like this story.I like to go to the beach.


very interesting story

i like this story very much. i like to go beach.

I like this story