A hungry dragon is looking for breakfast. What does Sia do? Watch and find out!

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The hungry dragon eats lots of different food. What do you like to eat when you're really hungry? Tell us about it!

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i like it very much! but i hope this story is so funny...........

Ramu and Shamu the silly boys

i have a terrible stomach-ache.
Dr. nayak please come Quickly.
when he comed.
nothing serious. it is only due to gas in the abdomen. too much tension, you know. four tabets a day, after meals.
thank you very much.
her mother was very sad.
a little later-

mummy you must not cook anything on gas.

why not?

have you forgotten what doctor said? daddy's trouble due to gas. i hope you all like it like that hungry dragon. i think hes now good!

but i hope you like.

Billy went to Egypt for his holiday. He went to visit the Pyramids, but he was not very lucky. He was caught by a tall mummy.
“Who…..are…….you?” said the mummy.
Billy was surprised and said: “I am Billy Chen from China.”
The mummy said: “I am not very happy now. I have slept in the pyramid for thousands of years. I wake up every hundreds of years. I am so bored. I want to have fun. You must listen to me and make me happy. If you don’t make me happy, I will make you a mummy.”
“Please. Don’t make me a mummy. I will take you to China and get you some fun.”
First, Billy took the mummy to Qingyuan.
The mummy had a drift on the river.
But he was not very happy.
Then, Billy took him to the zoo.
The mummy saw many cute animals.
But he was still bored.
Then Billy took him to the Hainan.
The mummy swam in the sea and saw a lot of fish.
But he was still not very happy.
Then Billy took the mummy to Taiwan, Hunan, Beijing, Guangzhou and many other placed. The mummy ate many kinds of food and played many kinds of games.
But, he was still a bit bored.
Then Billy took the mummy to the underground.
The mummy had never seen an underground train.
He was vey excited. He asked Billy: “Can I take the underground to Egypt?”
“Yes. You can.”
The mummy said to Billy: “Thank you very much. I had a lot of fun in China. I won’t eat you. Bye-bye. See you later.”
“Hooray. The mummy is gone!” shouted Billy.

i must have waste the kids money 
( )__( )

i find it not funny but intresting

this story is the best of all the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha ! Very funny ! The green dragon looks quaint !

It's so funny! hahaha~~~

hi..how are you?
im from Korea too... where do you live??

hahaha! I love it!.............