The greedy hippo eats everything and the other animals are angry. Can they stop him eating all their food? Watch and find out!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


The animals make a horrible pie for the hippo with fish and soap! Can you invent another horrible meal for the greedy hippo? Tell us about it!

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you are....

that is so mean! I can't believe they did that to the poor hippo. Maybe he was "greedy" because he had health problems. Maybe Hippo was depressed and ate because he had no friends.
If townspeople have the ressources to bake a pie, why don't they make something nice for the poor hippo?
these are the stories British children grow up with?

HaHa,Hippo Was a Greedy guy .. ^_~

poor thing...

hippo is like my friend

is so funny

I will make an  asham  cake.
It will have apple, ash and  shampoo inside.
I  will  bake it  like  a  cake.

 Wow,that was a:
-And Nice story

is a nice story. i love it!!!

It was funny!