The marathon is a 42km race! It was first run 2,500 years ago. What is the history of this race? Watch and find out!

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The marathon is a very long race. Do you like running? Tell us about it!

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it a good story
it tell everyone about the first maratone
 remember it

I love this story. BUT Pheidippides didn't tell the Athens people that the Persians were coming before he died.
I wrote a continuation for this story:
The Athens people were very excited and surprised. Some people put Pheidippides into the grave. They went back home and had a party. But they didn’t know that the Persians were coming, as Pheidippides did not tell them. They had party from noon to evening.
At nine O’clock, some people heard some clicking noise and they saw many Persians coming.
A boy named Timshashai ran back to Athens and shouted, “Close the door. Close the windows. Hurry up. The Spartans are coming.” Some people heard this message. They were very scared. Then they closed the doors and windows. Many people went into the basement to hide from the Persians. The boy ran into Athens with the people.
“Dong-dong-dong….,” the Persians broke into Athens. They began to look for people. They boy said to the people, “It is full moon now. We can call the Spartans to help us.”
“ Good idea!” Somebody said.
Then they called a young athlete to run to Spartan. The young athlete was called Tim Jim Jim. He can run very fast. After five minutes, he arrived in Spartan and said to the Spartan soldiers, “Athens is in danger. The Spartans are coming and they want to kill us.”
“Of course we can help you.”said the Spartan soldiers. They began to run to Athens with the boy. After five minutes, they arrived in Athens.  They fought with the Persians. After a moment, they won. Thirty thousand Persian soldiers died and only one hundred left. They were very afraid to the Spartans and began to escape, but the Greek soldiers were coming back. They stopped the Persians and killed all of them.
“Hurry! We are the winners. ” shouted the Greek people.
Athens was now a sea of joy and happiness.
All the Greeks began to run ten kilometers because they wanted to remember Pheidippides.

 it is a very wonderful continuation coldwaterartist! you are a very good story writer!


wow!i love this story a little knowladge is aded in my brain.....

I  like it

 Wow, it's great. It's help me to know more about olympic games and the history of Maraton.

History repeats itself

What a geat story!

wow that story is fantastic