Neila is an alien. She lives on a cold planet and nothing can grow. Can Billy and Splodge help her? Watch and find out!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


Fliptune is a very strange planet. Can you imagine another strange planet? Tell us about it!

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I don' t like made up stories but I like ice cream.

i like icecream,but not in these days. it's too cold...

it very nice story
i like cold  and icecreem neila needs helps billy is a smart and clever person
the best planet is earth i live on it
there are a lot of plant,trees and flowers and
we have different kind of weather(sun warm rain cold windy snow...)
we have four season winter spring fall or (autumn)and summer we live there a lot of people,animals and plant

 wow! ice-cream!and free ice-cream! wow i like such adventures!

Not Bad

its cold now a days........
ice cream is yummmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy

I like icecream

realy fun

I wish I can discover a planet full of chips and icecream!!!