Neila is an alien. She lives on a cold planet and nothing can grow. Can Billy and Splodge help her? Watch and find out!

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Fliptune is a very strange planet. Can you imagine another strange planet? Tell us about it!

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  it is very interesting,  we took the quiz,  i won!

 I just imagine this,okay.
This is a green and white planet called
Geron.It's scientific name is Jelophina.
It is warm and breezy.There,live green
and white aliens.They only eat when the moon
is pointing at the Earth and the sun is somewhere else.
Plants grow when the direction of the sun is right.

oooooooohhhhhh, good

nice but all day and this is dream 


I wish i lived in a planet filles with ice cream.


why do you think it is stupid?

I Imagine a strange planet, called mathurno is a Very hot planet, nothing grow up there because not there water on all planet. In that planet liVes red aliens and haVe much tecnology.

Your story is Very interesting...

I like this story, it is interesting.